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This section covers a variety of information and personal links.

--------- Optics and Photography --------
Contrast Camera Useful Dynamic Range Test
Contrast Digital Camera Linearity Test
Test Target USAF-1951 Resolution Test Target
Printer Line Resolution Test Target
Nikon 10-Pin connector Nikon 10-Pin Connector
DIY Sound trigger Super Simple Sound Trigger
Test Target Focus Target
MoonPlane Amazing Stories and Pictures
Nikon D2:   EN-EL4 Battery.
Nikon D1:   Power drain and Battery life.
Nikon D1:   Battery and Charger
Nikon D1:   FireWire Speed
Nikon D1:   Compact Flash Memory Speed
Viewing CD Data Bits
Moon Full-size Moon Picture
My Photo Links.

-------- Mechanics --------
CNC Lathe CNC-Lathe
Custom Built
Self-feeding & auto running
CNC-Mill-Lathe CNC-Mill-Lathe
A CNC milling machine
used as a lathe
Opto asm-tn.png Stepper Motor Zero Flag
Adding a zero flag to a stepper motor
Tool Table Tool Table
Pre-set tooling
Fast tool changing
3D Printer 3D Printer Upgrade
for Ultimaker Extruder Drive
3D Printer 3D Printer Information
Opto-Interrupter Opto-Interrupter Repeatability
Home switch for CNC equipment
Spring Testr Spring Testing
Compression Spring Measurements
Extruder Force Extruder Drive Force Testing
Ultimaker 3D Printer Measurements
Injection Force Extruder Injection Force Display
Ultimaker 3D Printer Measurements
Home Switches Home Switches
Home switch mounting on CNC equipment
Touch Probe Touch Probe
Touch Probe for CNC equipment
Consew sch. Consew CSM 1000 Schematic
CMS 1000 Brushless Motor Controller. 95% complete
Touch Probe Turntable
Turntable for Laser Scanning
Taig Spindle Lock Taig Spindle Lock
Taig Spindle Lock for Mill
Taig X-Nut Taig X-Nut
CAD model of the Taig X-Nut

Taig Mill Spindle RPM

Measured data

Touch Probe Laser Pen Switch
Locking On-Off Switch for Laser Pens

-------- Electronics --------
Car-Battery Exploding Car Battery
Do not let it happen to you!

--------- Viking History --------
Wikipedia's Viking Info Wikipedia's Viking Info
Hurstwic's history page
Many links to Vikings can be found here:

----Surveying - Navigation - GPS-----
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