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"Vinland" is the old Viking name for North America and it was given by the Vikings when they arrived here about year 1007.

Vinland Corporation was incorporated in 1977 in the state of Florida by Bertho Boman and was expanded in 1993 by adding manufacturing facilities.

Vinland's corporate offices and 9,000 square feet modern manufacturing plant and engineering facilities are all located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and operates according to ISO-9001-2000.

Vinland has developed a strong base of customers in US, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China.

Vinland's primary base of business are repeat customers as can be seen from the following list. New clients usually contact Vinland from strong recommendations by previously satisfied companies. The following are some of the projects completed by Vinland under Mr. Boman's leadership.

Mr. Boman is a long-term member of the following professional organizations:

IEEE Bio-Medical Society
IEEE Industrial Electronic Society
IEEE Measurement Society
SAE Automotive Engineer's Society
SACC Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

Major Projects Completed by Vinland

House of Representatives, Jefferson City, Missouri.
Designed a voting system that allows 170 members to enter votes, show vote progress on large display boards, tally results, and then print the results for distribution. The system also automatically formats the day's voting activity, transfers it to a photo typesetter for printing of the voting journal / schedule for the next day' session. Since this task was completed prior to the personal computer revolution, all the equipment and the computers were custom designed for this application.

House of Representatives, Jefferson City, Missouri.
Designed an editing system that allows editing of previous voting results which was then tied into the previously designed voting system. It consists of a large replica of the voting chamber, with individual mini voting panels for all 170 desks. It streamlined the voting process by allowing members to cast their vote without requiring them to be at their desk.

House of Representatives, Jefferson City, Missouri.
Designed a message display board which shows information about the bill currently being voted on. This display system has more than 35,000 LEDs. (It is equivalent to a gigantic TV screen using LEDs for each pixel).

Cordis/Hyperion, Miami, Florida.
Designed an ECG monitor for use on patients with pacemakers. It is used to determine when the pacemaker needs replacement. Was also involved with the testing of implanted pacemakers.

Cordis/Hyperion, Miami, Florida.
Designed an ECG/pacemaker monitor that is used over telephone lines. This gives patients the convenience of not having to visit a doctor's office at regular intervals to test their pacemakers and have an ECG. These procedures can be done from their homes via a central testing agency.

Cordis/Hyperion, Miami, Florida.
Designed an EMG (sensing nerve signals to the muscles) system for retraining patients who have suffered a stroke or serious accident and lost the ability to control some of their muscles. This system should not be confused with the simple biofeedback units. It is a very technologically advanced unit and was priced at approximately $11,000 US at that time (almost 20 years ago).

Bell Laboratories, Whippany, New Jersey
Acted as a consultant for the design of several switching power supplies for use in a new advanced phone system.

Support System International, Charlotte, NC
Evaluated and improved the electronics used for their "burn control bed." It is a "bed" for a severely burned patient. The patient literally floats in a "sea" of microscopic glass beads that are under tight environmental control. The main objective for the evaluation was to determine whether it was safe to use the bed in an Intensive Care Unit. Previous designs were unsafe requiring Vinland to significantly redesign the "bed" in order to meet strict safety conditions and radiated emission standards.

General Electric, Research Triangle Park, NC
Vinland was contracted to do an independent evaluation of GE's hand held transceivers and Motorola's equivalent model. These were the high security government encrypted speech models. Both electrical and acoustical performance was evaluated. The intelligibility was also evaluated by a special "blind" listening panel. This testing involved simultaneous acoustic and RF shielding during the test.

Illinois Bell, Chicago, Illinois.
Designed a credit card telephone system for O'Hare airport. This system was used to interface the credit card phones into the local phone exchange at O'Hare. It was, in effect, a self-contained miniature phone exchange. It handled all incoming calls from the credit card phones, gave voice instructions, and then rerouted the calls through proper carriers and exchanges. All verification was done on-line and the billing information was collected and transferred automatically to the Bell billing system, which then sent it to appropriate credit card companies.

Motorola Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Worked as a consultant for over 3,000 hours on a pager that is sold to Nippon Telephone and Telegraph of Japan. This allowed Motorola to break into the Japanese market. The specifications were very tight and the reliability required was ten times higher than previous Motorola products. Was responsible for both RF, antenna design and radiated spurious suppression.

Motorola Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Upon completion of the above design phase, Vinland was contracted by the Motorola production department to design automatic test systems for RF radiation testing and to solve various manufacturing problems.

Motorola Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Worked as a consultant for about five months to design a battery charger using a switching power supply. Was responsible for electrical design and to obtain international safety and spurious emission approvals. The charger was manufactured by Motorola for IBM.

Early Warning System Corporation, Ft Lauderdale, FL
Designed a marine data collection system for use on ships to in detail evaluate the engines' performance and to predict any potential problems. A minimum of 30 parameters are monitored in the engine room.

Port Electric, Inc., Haiti
Set up production lines for efficiency and quality control to meet US customer specifications. Designed customer requested components to be manufactured on their production lines.

Genesis, Inc., Singapore
Worked on-site as a consultant to redesign a cordless telephone system and to solve production line problems for some of the other products that they manufacture. Tested and modified their products to meet FCC and UL requirements. Three separate trips was made to Singapore

Associated Communications Inc., Philadelphia, PA
Worked as a consultant to design and evaluate a new concept of cellular phone communications whereby the actual location of the phone can be identified.

Associated Communications Inc., Philadelphia, PA
Worked as a consultant for evaluating a cable communication system. Digital data and RF signals were sent through a modified TV-cable system to extend the reach of cellular phone systems.

Drive By Broadcasting, Boca Raton, Florida
Designed several low power FM broadband transmitters. Approximately 7,000 units were manufactured for them by Vinland.

Kreepy Krauly, Plantation, Florida.
Consultant for the design of a microprocessor based switching power supply design used to generate chlorine in swimming pools. The product had to meet extremely stringent safety standards since the chlorine generating electrodes are submerged in the pool.

Excel Electronica, Inc., Dominican Republic
Designed robotics test equipment for their production lines to automatically pick up and electronically evaluate multiple parameters of parts continuously used for manufacturing. The parts were then automatically placed in different trays depending on the test results. Quality and statistical reports were automatically generated.

Designed new custom requested parts for them to be manufactured on their production lines.

Also set up the company's structure, quality control department and procedures to obtain approval as a supplier to many quality conscious companies such as Motorola and Siemens. Qualified them as a UL approved source.

Innova, Inc., Seattle, Washington
Worked as a consultant for the evaluation and redesign of a state of the art 38 GHz communication system. Also, was requested by the investors to evaluate the company structure and its management.

Lasertron, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lasertron is a laser machining contractor. Vinland supports them with custom laser design and modifications, both electrical and optical. The motion control systems have also been extensively modified, and in some cases, custom designed.

American Changer Corporation, Ft Lauderdale, FL
Designed their entire line of products: debit card dispensers, token dispensers, money changers and their latest carwash paystation. Except for the external styling, all mechanical, electrical, and software systems were designed by Vinland. There are now more than 20 models being produced. American Changer Corporation is now one of the top producers of money changers in the US and the world.

All the custom electronics and wiring are exclusively manufactured by Vinland for them.

Honor Tone, Inc., China
Worked on site as a consultant for evaluating and improving their production lines for efficiency and reliability. Reviewed and improved their quality control system. They are a contract manufacture of electronic equipment sold World wide.

Quenite Corporation, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Vinland designed the very advanced, high-end Spyder 9000 System. This is a comprehensive system for golf courses that combines custom dash-mounted computers in the individual cars that are linked with a clubhouse management system. The golfers enjoy high accuracy GPS "Distance-to-Pin" information, aerial views, video fly-overs, scoring, games, and many other features, while the golf course benefits from the communication equipment to track all cars on the course. Five patents have been issued to Mr. Boman for the GPS-based measurement technology with several more pending.

A business plan, marketing strategy, and public relations campaign was also created by Vinland and culminated with a very successful PGA Golf show in Orlando.

Irwin Toy, Inc., Canada
SpectraColor is a new opto-mechanical toy that was invented by John Maxim and licensed by Irwin Toy and introduced to the US retail market in the Fall of 2002.

Vinland provided both mechanical and optical engineering design and support. Further, approximately 30 prototypes were built for both US and international toy fairs. Vinland also worked in China with the manufacturing company.

Tankong Corporation, Taiwan
Vinland provided on-site engineering for product design, tooling and production line support and worked with their sub-contractors in China. 3-D stereo-lithographic models were generated for tooling approval.

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