Vinland Corporation


Contract Manufacturing

Product Design: Vinland creates new products to meet the customers' specifications or interactively develop the product goals with the customers.

Contract Manufacturing: Production runs of up to 10,000 are handled locally on Vinland's SMT production lines, while larger runs often are done offshore under our supervision.

Vinland has both ISO9001 Quality System and ISO13485 (Medical Design and Manufacturing) certification.

Prototype Construction: Provide prototypes to use for demonstrations, evaluation or fund raising.

Product Evaluation: Evaluate products for safety, manufacturability, and reliability.

Patents: Perform patent infringement study. Support for patent application.

Manufacturing Support: Increase manufacturing efficiency and quality. Solve manufacturing problems.

Test Systems: Design and provide automatic test systems and robotic manufacturing equipment.

Software: Provide custom software for both control of embedded microprocessors and for Windows PC applications.

Secure Oriental Manufacturing: Vinland coordinates the design and manufacturing of the product's subsections with independent Asian companies, and then brings the subsections back to Vinland's Florida manufacturing facility for the final assembly.

As a result, no Asian company will see the full product and the firmware never leaves the USA, as it is installed by Vinland during the final product testing.

Machining: Laser machining, 3-D Printing, and 3-D milling using in-house modern equipment.

Customer Support: We can provide field support and full warranty service on products manufactured by Vinland, and in some cases for other companies' products. Vinland also provides direct shipping and distribution to end-users.

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