Taig Mill X-Nut CAD Model
Bertho Boman

Taig X Nut

I wanted to have an accurate 3D model of the Taig MicroMill DSLS 3000 X-Nut but the versions I found on the web lacked resolution and I could not trust them so I disassembled the machine and carefully measured the different features of the X-nut.

The nut is manufactured to inch measurements but I prefer to work in millimeters so the CAD model is in mm. Actually, I carefully measured the nut in inches and then, if applicable, I rounded the dimensions to the nominal inch values.
In all cases the rounding was only a couple of thousands of an inch. For example 0.802" was rounded to 0.800" and 0.626" was rounded to 0.625"= 5/8". The rounded numbers were then converted to metric and used for the model.

The thread is 1/2"-20 regular right hand, and the little preload screws are 4-40.

As time or requirement arise I will add more parts to this area of the website.

The X-Nut is saved in three formats:
Solid Edge: .par
Iges: .igs
Step: .stp

The files can be downloaded here in all three formats.
FTP site: Vinland.com
User: Public
Pass Word: Public
File name: Taig_X_Nut.zip

I believe the part is accurate but no guarantees or liability accepted for usage of the information.

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