Photo Related Links
Bertho Boman



I have tried to sort the links but there is a lot of overlap so do not take the headings too seriously.

======== Nikon D1 Information ========

Nikon Technical Support:  www.nikontechusa.com

Nikon: USA headquarters:  www.nikonusa.com

Nikon: Europe headquarters:   www.nikon-euro.com

Juergen Specht's Mail list:   (Very informative and professional):   www.juergenspecht.com/d1scussion

Power Drain and Battery Life:  www.vinland.com/Power_Drain.html

Battery and Charger Information:   www.vinland.com/Battery.html

FireWire Speed Information:   www.vinland.com/FireWire.html

Bibble: Image processing for D1:   www.bibblelabs.com

QImage: Image processing for D1:   www.ddisoftware.com/qimage

======== Digital Photography Information Sites ========

Phil Askey's dpreview:   www.dpreview.com

Robert Galbraith's DigiNews:   www.robgalbraith.com

Steve's DigiCams:   www.steves-digicams.com

Uwe Steinmueller's:   www.outbackphoto.com

Moose Peterson's Wild Life Photo:   www.moose395.net/digital/index.html

Moose/David Cardinal"s Nikon Digital:   www.nikondigital.org

The Luminous Landscape:   www.luminous-landscape.com

Imaging Resource:   www.imaging-resource.com

======== General Photography Information Sites ========

Here is a very good link to resolution testing:   medfmt.8k.com/mf/resolution.html

An incredible wealth of information about photography & lenses
is available at this site and the related pages. Do not be fooled by
the "medium format" title. Most of it applies to all photography:   medfmt.8k.com.html

Panoramas and Virtual Tours:   www.panoramas.dk

Panorama Tools:   www.path.unimelb.edu.au/~dersch/.html

Panorama Tools, another link:   http://webuser.fh-furtwangen.de/%7Edersch/

http://webuser.fh-furtwangen.de/%7Edersch/ ======== PhotoShop - Printing - Color Management Sites ========

Ian Lyon's Computer Darkroom:   www.computer-darkroom.co.uk

Bruce Fraser at Creative Pro:   www.creativepro.com/author/home/40.html

Andrew Rodney's Digital Dog:   www.digitaldog.net

Adobe Technical Guide to Color Management:   www.adobe.com/education/pdf/cib/acrobat5/acrobat5_cib_lesson12.pdf

Apple's Color Management (even for PCs):   www.apple.com/colorsync

Apples Colorsync mail list:   lists.apple.com/mailman/listinfo/colorsync-users

Hutcheson's Color Management Notes:   www.hutchcolor.com/CMS_notes.html

Steve Upton's ColorThink:   www.chromix.com

Bruce Lindbloom's Super Color Info:   www.brucelindbloom.com

Ethan Hansen's Dry Creek Photo, Profiling & CMS:   www.drycreekphoto.com

Color Imaging Group at London College of Printing:   www.digitalcolour.org

Understanding Digital Color by Phil Green:   www.digitalcolour.org/understanding

Dr. Sharmas home page:   www.wmich.edu/~ppse/staff/sharma.htm

Visual color illusion; Why not to trust your eyes:   http://neurobiology.mc.duke.edu/PLNet/Load/index.html

More reasons why not to trust your eyes:   http://www-bcs.mit.edu/people/adelson/checkershadow_illusion.html

Scanning super info by Wayne Fulton:   www.scantips.com

Ed Hamrick's VueScan, lowcost but best scanner software:   www.hamrick.com

Supplier: GretagMacbeth:   www.gretagmacbeth.com

Supplier: ColorVision:   www.colorvision.com

Supplier: X-Rite:   www.xrite.com

Supplier: SpectroCam, SpectroStar at Avantes:   www.avantes.com

Supplier: Profile Prism:   www.ddisoftware.com/prism

Supplier: ColorBlind= Itek:   www.color.com

======== News and User Groups ========

NikonD1.net:   www.nikond1.net

Nikonians:   www.nikonians.org

DPReview Forum:   www.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1021

News:   rec.photo.digital

======== Compact Flash Card Web Sites ========

IBM:   www.storage.ibm.com/hdd/micro
Kingston:   www.kingston.com
Lexar:   www.digitalfilm.com
MicroTech:   www.microtechint.com
RiData:   www.powerinnumbers.com.au/ridata
Sandisk:   www.sandisk.com
Simple Tech:   www.simpletech.com
Viking:   www.vikingcomponents.com
MyDigitalDiscount:   www.MyDigitalDiscount.com

There are many more excellent sites that I have to add to this list!
Please let me know Suggestions and corrections.