Taig Mill Spindle RPM
Bertho Boman


I wanted to have an accurate model of the Taig MicroMill spindle pulleys and to know the actual motor RPM. First I reviewed some of my previous mechanical measurements of the pulleys. The information that I found on the web lacked resolution and sometimes were not in agreement so I could not trust the information. There were also inconsistencies in the Taig documentation. As an example, the RPM vs. pulley steps is listed the same for both the 1/8 HP 3000 RPM motor as for the current 1/4HP 3450 RPM labeled motor.

After posting a question to the Taig User group on Yahoo without receiving any information, I decided to measure the spindle RPM myself.

All measurements were done with no load on the spindle, a fiberoptic sensor, and a digital counter. The resolution is basically limited at the low RPM (19.4 RPS) measured over a 10 second time period.

Note that the motor RPM is very slightly dropping as the RPM increases and there is slightly more frictional load. Obviously it will drop much more under load but at least I will have accurate pulley information and light load RPM.

Taig MicroMill RPM Measurements
Belt Position
Spindle RPM
Motor RPM
Spindle RPM
Error %
A 1,100 3,589 1,164 0.324 -5.5
B 1,900 3,589 1,938 0.540 -2.0
C 2,900 3,587 2,913 0.812 -0.4
D 4,300 3,587 4,326 1.206 -0.6
E 6,500 3,584 6,486 1.810 +0.2
F 10,500 3,581 10,860 3.033 -3.3

I believe the information is accurate but there are no guarantees or liability accepted for usage of the information.

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