Laser Pen Switch
Bertho Boman

Laser Pen side view

Design Concept:
Here is a simple way to create an On/Off switch for a regular laser pointer without having to disassemble it and modifying it. It uses a regular "Tie-Wrap" that is adjusted to be snug but not too tight. When placed over the button it will depress and continuously turn on the laser. By slightly rotating the Tie-Wrap as shown in the pictures, there is a small space so the button can extend and the laser will be off.
So by slightly rotating the Tie-Wrap a "locking" On-Off switch is created.

Laser Pen front view

To further extend the concept and make it fool-proof so the Tie-Wrap cannot slide off front to back, place a Tie-Wrap on each side of the button and pull them tight.

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