3D Printer Startup

March-2012: I was too busy to start building the printer at once but once I started it was easy to put together since the kit is well-made.

The software and usage instruction were not so good but the user group support is great and I highly recommend to use the open source software for slicing and controlling the printer.  The links are below.

Make sure to start with the excellent Cura to make the initial learning curve as easy as possible.

Personally I like full control so I do the slicing, scaling and preparation separately on my main desktop and then save the G-Code file on a server.  Then I use the “Printrun” program on a dedicated small PC to run the printer.

Ultimaker forum and wiki: www.Ultimaker.com
Slicing software and Printrun: http://daid.github.com/Cura/
Google User group: ultimaker@googlegroups.com

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